Lady Mary

crawleycorarp asked: Thank you for telling me. I do hope Sybil feels better soon.

Of course, mama. As do I.

dontregretasingleday-deactivate asked: Lady Mary, how are you? Do you need anything done?

Actually, yes Anna. My hair has yet to be done for dinner tonight. Would you mind?

crawleycorarp asked: Mary, do you know why Sybil won't be attending dinner tonight?

Yes, Mama…Sybil tells me that she is having Branson drive her to see the doctor, who has agreed to see her after hours about her illness.┬áNothing to be concerned about, I’ve already spoken to her about it and she tells me she will be back promptly after.

lady-sybil-p-crawley-deactivate asked: I don't need you to accompany me, Mary. Besides, I'm not going to set a different date. Plans are already made. You'll have to give my apologies to cousin Matthew. Please, don't tell mama.

…very well, Sybil, but if anything should go wrong, there will be consequences for you and whoever you are with.

lady-sybil-p-crawley-deactivate asked: You would tease me... And you wouldn't approve.

If you know I wouldn’t approve, then you know Mama wouldn’t either.┬áI don’t like the sound of this, Sybil. You should join us tonight and make these plans for a day when I can accompany you.